Wednesday 30 May 2012

What a beautiful day at Chilworth House School, oxford. I arrived, because of traffic, a little later than the usual 8.30 start I like to get in order to get set up in time for morning assembly and a strong black coffee (and chocolate) if I'm lucky. The day started with the whole school in attendance as I introduced the instruments to the keen youngdrummers.

Our first three sessions were in the hall but the afternoon saw us take the drums out into the yard and beyond the hedge border into the back outdoor classroom which was like a sort of roundhouse made from wood and had beautiful accoustics. We drummed to our hearts content interupted only by curious students who has flown the a naughty rebellion.

Our day was a blast and I'll always remember the willow wigwam lunch of sandwiches and crisps under the watchful eyes of one particular student in oak ...or was it willow class?

drum on!
              a a r o n x


  1. Everybody at Chilworth House had a great day with you yesterday Aaron - thank you. It was lovely to see how well the pupils responded to you (something many of them struggle with with strangers) and how enthusiastically they participated in front of each other (something else they find difficult).
    Willow class loved spending lunch time in the wigwam with you.
    Thanks again!

  2. Thankyou Sophie. Say hi to everyone at Chilworth House from me. have a great weekend break. A a r o n x