Saturday 16 June 2012

I've had an exciting week of drumming here in South Wales and beyond. I've finally, with the help of my good friend Alun, filmed the first in a series of drumming tutorials for Youtube. We've been talking about it for years and have finally made the first step into what is an exiting new project. We're going to show you some handy bits of percussion knowledge filmed in some of the most georgous settings in Wales and beyond.
           Our first destination for lesson #1 was a clifftop location not too far from Southerndown beach, near Ogmore on the South Wales coastline. The clouds parted to allow us to film in the last of the evenings light and the guls were in fine voice as the waved lapped at our feet over a hundred feet below. Sheep came and went voicing their (dis)approval at times. Alun and Haf positioned themselves perched on the rocks filming a slightly wentswept drummer. My djembe was strapped on and I was savouring the moment that I could play to the open sea.
            We filmed a few experiments and soundchecks then we went for a few takes. The light was glowing and the surfers on the beach miles away were pulsating on the wases. Pretty soon time caught up with us, though, so it was off home to put the veggie burgers on!
            The edit a few days later produced the first djembe tutorial:
              Enjoy. Let me know what you think. A a r o n x

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