Sunday 11 November 2012

London jazz festival 2012

The london jazz festival has only just begun But the event has dished out an amazing array of talent and entertainment on its first weekend. Hyperpotamus put on an awe inspiring show up at the arts depot. He wowed the audience with his captivating rhythms, melodies and unique dance moves in a thoroughly inspiring set. He finished off an incredible set with a cover of sweet dreams where he had the audience joining in this anthemic tune.

The barbican hosted SCENE FINLAND. I managed to catch 3 of the 4 acts: RAKKA + KUARA + ANNA-MARI KÄHÄRÄN ORKESTERI. The bands were incredible and each drummer left me feeling completely awestruck as each one had their own unique style and sound which was such a joy to behold. The final act of Anna-Mari and her accompanying band were so enthrawling on their first outing to London that I can hardly believe that they are not regulars on the scene. The drummer played most of the set with a stripped down kit with one crash cymbal, snare, floor Tom and kick drum. He played most of the set with his fingers tapping and manipulating the skins on the snare and floor Tom reminding me of the old footage of John Bonham slappingskins on his kit. I was utterly inspired to watch him produce such wonderous sounds on his set up and can't wait to sit back in the studio and try out some new tips! 

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